January 15, 2011

Managing Our Gardens After Winter Weather

by Toni Leland

A few nights ago, NBC Nightly News showed a stunning map of the United States with an even more amazing fact: 49 states had snow on the ground, including Hawaii!

So far, this has been another tough winter, and we're only into mid-January. While many of us think about lost work days, kids home from school, and how we'll get out of the driveway, there are other considerations at play for those of us who love our gardens.

Winter weather can wreak havoc with our shrubs, trees, and landscaping. What to do? Here are some informative articles to help you decide.

Winter's Wrath: Snow and Ice Damage

Stressed or Damaged Trees and Shrubs

Frost Heave 

Don't forget your feathered friends!

Winter Survival for Northern Birds

Cheer yourself up with this article advice!

Beat the Winter Blahs

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