October 6, 2014

Authors, Readers, and Book Reviews, Oh My!

by Toni Leland

All the experts tell me that I should blog frequently, tell the world what I know or think, or at least stay on the radar screen.

Frankly, I believe that if someone else can say it better, I'd rather share than try to reinvent the wheel!

So, my latest excitement is Anne R. Allen's blog post about the value of reviews and how they affect authors. Her insights are valuable and should be absorbed by anyone who writes for the public.

Additionally, the "review of the future" will be as it always has been: discoverability through word-of-mouth. I plan to keep this image where I can see it frequently, to remind me to share the wealth of wonderful reading I've experienced. Feel free to do the same for yourself. 


  1. Happy to find your blog through Anne, and yes why not share information someone else has already written. Hope you some day find one of my posts worth reblogging. Glad to see you using the book share button. Will be putting it on my side panel too.

    1. Thanks for commenting. I believe we can all enlarge the reading experience by sharing. I will look forward to seeing your posts. :)